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Whoever is looking for a spiritual strengthening and protection symbol OR just a beautiful high quality gift came to the right place.  

Read below and choose the Seal, Amulet or Gift to enlighten your life and your beloved ones life.

"King Solomon's Wisdom"

King Solomon, the son of King David, established Jerusalem as the city of justice and peace. His name reflects the original name of the city, Shalem.  Solomon is said to have been given both "wisdom and knowledge", usually taken to mean wise government, ability to distinguish morally between good and evil and a thorough understanding of the universe.

We are proud to present you a long forgotten source of wisdom and protection which is in high demand in these difficult times people face all over the world.


Each individual is looking for something to protect his surroundings and personal energy.  This powerful source of wisdom can bring harmony to each and every one of us. May we all be inspired and protected by the ancient wisdom of the great King Solomon who was considered among the wisest of all men.

Our hand made range of products offers a full collection of 44 seals, which were created to be a point of focus for magical work and spiritual growth. 

They were designed to promote Healing of its owner's body, the Hebrew inscription on the Solomon Seal Charm consists of the 22-letter name, and it is thought to originate from the Jewish Kabbalah.

Charms were believed to protect the wearer, their family and possessions from natural disasters, spells and evil spirits, some Charms served to cure disease or infertility, others guarded the wearer on its travels, ensured blessing of success or goodwill in affairs of the heart.

Apparently these Charms power lay in the Divine name and the different formulas inscribed on them.

Names were written in combinations, abbreviations, codes, acrostics * of the biblical verses and, sometimes, to ensure extra protection the name of the owner was added.

We produce  a range of amulets as well, intended for the following purposes: Health, Matchmaking, Sustenance, Recovery, Safe Keeping, Pregnancy, Prosperity,  Love,  Wishes, Road opener, Winner and against the Evil Eye.

Our Amulets are engraved in the original Hebrew letters – same as in the seals -, angel letters, geometric shapes and bible verses keeping the authenticity and privacy in calling for help.

We wish to establish an environment in which one's thoughts and actions enhance one's spiritual growth and self improvement through awareness and finding one another's potential, in order to creating a better world.

We developed our products based on the ancient Wisdom of King Solomon and other mystical knowledge.  The majority of our products are hand made in Israel being the original source of this historic and ancient wisdom.

* acrostics: a square grid with words reading the same down as across or a verse in which certain letters such as the first in each line form a word or message.

King Solomon's Wisdom products are much recommended but are not a substitute for medical, physical or mental treatment.

Please review our range of seals, amulets, light candle pillar.  Click below to view the seals.

All seals, amulets and pillar are packed nicely in a gift box accompanied with a scroll explaining the Solomon Seals meanings.

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The beautiful products you are about to discover on our next pages have been carefully studied by a team of spiritual and generous people who believe that these CHARMS will enlighten and enrich your life.

Some original seals found in different part of our region.


Solomon's Seal on the reverse of a mirror, Mesopotamia, 12h century.


Silver coin from the "Ayyubid dynasty" Aleppo, Syria, 1212-13


Solomon's Seal on a marble slab from a Byzantine church, Khirbet Sufa, Northern Negev

About US: We are an Israeli distributor team selling high quality and natural products from known and experience producers in EUROPE & ISRAEL. Visit our web site and learn about Organic supplements, Hair treatments and  Beauty care.

We are in a process of enlarging our product line.     Come again soon.

All products are NEW and are shipped from our ISRAEL WAREHOUSE.    King Solomon Seals being mostly hand made can take up to 28 days to arrive after payment is confirmed.

Local taxes If requested are the buyer's responsibility

Natural WorldWellness  consist of a dynamic team focused on providing you with expert and professional service with highly qualified products.

Please send us your queries and feedback to           sales@naturalworldwellness.com

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