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King Solomon’s Ring Seals

Select the RING to enlighten your days

Further to the explanation in our presentation page, we created a  series of 7 SILVER AMULETS RINGS  with the King Solomon Seals.  The following purposes of those Amulets are :   Guarding & Protection, Health, Love, Path clearing, Wishes, Profusion, Equilibrium.

These Silver Amulets are carved with the original Hebrew letters, same as on our ceramic seals, with angel letters, Geometric shapes and Verses from the bible.   The Seals are made of 925 Sterling Silver and, where it applies, 9 carat Gold.  They are not punched in order to preserve their mystical codes.

They Keep their authenticity and privacy in calling for help.

Our wish is to establish an environment in which one's thoughts and actions enhance one's spiritual growth and self improvement through awareness and finding one another's potential, thus creating a better world for all of us.

Note: all our rings can be corrected to your exact size by your local jeweler.

Guarding&Protection round #14
Guarding&Protection square #14

Guarding & Protection Seal #14:  This Seal helps people wherever they go traveling, on business, at work or else.  It sharpens people’s wisdom to stay away from danger and steers them towards the right way.  At the same time it also protects against evil eye.

Equilibrium #2 square
Equilibrium  round #2

Equilibrium Seal # 2    Tranquility & Equilibrium are often set back by fear or driven impulses. Mankind in its nature wishes to find tranquility & equilibrium and yet we often lose it. The Mystical codes engraved in this seal create the stamina in which the person is in tune with his/her will for tranquility & balance in his/her personal & professional life.  When a person experiences balance he/she is able to see things in an objective way. And with that it assists him/her in achieving inner wisdom that is the Seal offers.

Health round #9
Health square #9

Seal #9 Health  -   This successful CHARM helps people to stay healthy and overcome illness, distress, pain & physical trauma.  May also be applied to the afflicted parts of your body.

Wishes round #41
Wishes square #41

WISHES Seal #41:  This Seal blesses people with compassion & helps them fulfill their wishes.  It enables people to understand that the most important WISH is to know themselves, to decipher their wishes & to connect with the inner spark.  This will create awareness & development that, in turn, will magnetize the events, the lessons and the people that will then reach equilibrium, serenity and faith in the process of living.

Love Round #43 Love Square #43

LOVE Seal #43:  This Seal helps bringing love from a DISTANCE, either when lovers are geographically apart or when a person feels that their parent, colleague, spouse’s love is DISTANT.  It will also help people to love, to accept themselves and to express their feelings to others through tolerance, understanding, and equality by maintaining the boundaries of love & lust.

PathClearing square #20
PathClearing round #20

PATHS CLEARING Ring Seal #20:  This Seal helps people to detach themselves from experiences, events, sensations and feeling of being stuck in this OR previous life.  The mystical codes written on this Seal and its special shape constitute a powerful combination resulting in emotional, associative & practical influence.  This Seal opens up for people, paths and directions and it removes those hindering obstacles while realizing latent potential.

Profusion  round #1 Profusion square #1

Seal #1 Profusion Seal - This Profusion Seal includes the names of Angels that helps people to attract abundance & success.  It increases financial profit, respect & richness at work (recommended for Business people).  It helps also in maintaining focus on the course of business & protects against distractions which may cause illusions.

Buy it @ 135.00 $US

Choose the seal by its number

Choose between Round OR Square ring and add it with your Ring size in the “instructions to merchant” on the Paypal shopping cart page.

  Ring Sizes are 6,7,8,9,10,11 OR 12.

Profusion Gold seal round #2

Seal #1 Profusion Seal with 9 carat gold Seal.

Buy it @ 550.00 $US

Kabbalah Amulets for good fortune OR for protection

Sitra ahra1

Kabbalah Angel Raziel: This amulet comes from the book of the Angel Raziel (Raziel Ha’Malach) and is helpful for Good Fortune and Success.           Before wearing this amulet, recite the following prayer:

“May the will of God of Israel be that you shall command your angels to come to “speak name here”  house and to be at his side and bestow success on his trade and all his work with great reward in daytime and night, within his home and outside, in his town or elsewhere, and your Holy Name and power shall expand his deeds and home, and success shall come to “speak name here”, Amen Sela”.

See detailed notes in our special Kabbalah page “The Kabbalah Mysteries Treasures”.

Sitra Achra Kabbalah Amulet:     This amulet guards and protects against the Sitra Achra (Aramaic: the side of impurity) being the evil inclination or impurity which, together with the original sin (eating from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden) created, according to traditional belief, the duality of good and bad, blended in such a way that there is no good without bad, and no bad without good.

“God has made the one as well as the other” (Ecclesiastes, 7; 14)

In close proximity of holy reality and good, was created an existence of evil and impurity - the Sitra Achra.

One side of the amulet helps keep internal and external negative forces at bay, while the other side holds a prayer that keeps its owner safe, and, at the same time, activates the positive forces within the person.

Buy it @ 135.00 $US

Choose the seal by its number

For more Kabbalah Amulets click The Kabbala Mystery Treasures !!

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All Seals are NEW and are shipped from our ISRAEL WAREHOUSE.    King Solomon Seals being mostly hand made can take up to 28 days to arrive after payment is confirmed.  However we always try shipping as rapidly as possible.

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